About us

ALANMI aluminum has over 30 years experience in Taiwan shaped aluminum. 2016 was founded the company in Dong Nai Province – Vietnam. Specializes in producing aluminum and powder coatings used in construction, industrial and civil. Alanmi aluminum plant with the quality management system ISO 9001-2015 international.

Alanmi aluminum bar has been tested and certified in line with national standards NTR 16: 2014 / BXD and permitted to use the sign the Canonical (CR)

Aluminium ALANMI always keeping the environment in Vietnam, the entire unused plated processing systems, all materials imported from Malaysia and suppliers globally. Use pure aluminum, not more recycled materials, quality assurance.

Quality of service, efficiency is the promise of Aluminum ALANMI for the company’s products to the customer upon delivery.

Our responsibility is to provide products in line with international standards. What we sell is not just a product but rather it is the dedication and our service.

Alanmi aluminum bars are produced according to the technology and the most advanced technology of Taiwan. Quality is assured at the highest level, diversified product samples, full output, always promptly meet all the requirements of our customers.

Along with the quality management system ISO and products meet national standards NTR 16: 2014 / BXD Alanmi aluminum products will give you the customer satisfaction on service quality as well as quality world-class quality.

Quality aluminum profiles

Alanmi Aluminum Co., Ltd. supports the supply of high quality aluminum profiles